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Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe introduces "STEVE JOBS: The Lost Interview!"  Learn why this UNIQUE program will transform your attendees in the arena of LEADERSHIP, INNOVATION and/or BUILDING HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS.

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Steve Jobs' insight on leadership was unparalled.  This program is for leaders and aspiring leaders.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


Steve Jobs shares his theory about "A-Teams" and how to attain and retain great talent. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


We all know the end result--Apple has become the most profitable company in the world.  But, how did it happen? What does it take?  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

what people are saying...

I had Jeff Tobe present “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” at the Boy Scouts of America National Training Center at Philmont.  He spoke to a group of Order of the Arrow Lodge Advisers, who gathered from around the county.  Jeff was asked to speak after a review of 15+ presenters who had all provided credentials and support materials.   We had never engaged an outside speaker for this type of course, so this was a new concept for us as we planned the week-long training course.  Jeff blew our audience away with his presentation!  His workshop on High Performance Teams, combining his 25+ years of corporate knowledge with never-before-seen footage of Steve Jobs, gave our organization real, tangible take-aways that we can implement immediately nationally. 


Mike Hoffman

National Chairman

Order of the Arrow

Boy Scouts of America


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Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe M.Ed, introduces you to these unique programs...

   I attained the rights to a never-seen-before, long lost interview with Steve Jobs.  On the surface, this may sound innocuous but after watching the 1995 interview— and no matter what I had heard or read about Steve Jobs in the past—I realized that I had to get this out to leaders around the world. Steve’s insight into leadership, building“A-Teams” and innovation can be transformational for any organization of any size. It’s rare that we can hear somebody explain--in great detail --with incredible candor--their philosophy and approach and then see the spectacular results that follow. Due to an odd twist of fate, I now recognize the opportunity to begin discussions in organizations globally about their future and the way they look at business.


     We all know the story of Apple, today the most valuable company on the planet. But it grew from a company that was in ruins; just 90 days away from bankruptcy. Before anyone, including Steve Jobs, thought he’d rejoin Apple, let alone spark one of the most incredible journeys in the history of capitalism, Steve sat down with BBC interviewer Robert X. Cringely for a no holds barred discussion.  This is the best interview he ever gave, full of countless leadership lessons and tremendous team building takeaways. Yet, only a few minutes of the interview made it to television, and then only in the United Kingdom at that. Somewhere between London, England, and a PBS station in Oregon, the master tape went missing … and remains so today.

   For 17 years, that was apparently the end of it. Then, two days after Steve Jobs died in October 2011, Talk of the Nation director Paul Sen found a VHS copy of the Jobs interview stored in his UK garage. This is undoubtedly the only surviving copy of the best TV interview Steve Jobs ever gave yet nobody ever saw.”

In my new, one to four hour, session, STEVE JOBS on Leadership, High Performance Teams and Innovation, it’s not just me as a talking head!  I get attendees doing most of the talking by facilitating a discussion after each short video clip.  I find that most people are transformed after hearing Jobs and discussing with colleagues, their dreams, their game plan and even rules in their profession that they could potentially break.  What’s the most audacious thing you would do in your business if you knew you couldn’t fail?  Where are you stuck on a constraint that could be overcome with persistence or creativity?  What’s good conflict versus bad conflict? Where could you go to get new ideas for your organization?  Why do teams become siloed and how do we diversify our A-team?  All of these questions, and a lot more, are posed in a non-threatening, participatory environment that encourages honest and transparent discussion.  I promise that this is a program that is so original in its design and presentation, your people will walk away saying what one of my clients just said to me just last week. “the most transformational experience I have ever attended”.  That is what I am talking about!

Jeff Tobe

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